Commercial Catering

We provide a full range of domestic gas training and domestic courses allowing you to chose the right combination for you. More details

The route to catering competence is via a generic catering core with commercial catering specific modules

What commercial courses are available?

Course Code Course Description
CCCN1 Commercial Catering Core Gas Safety
COMCAT1 Boiling burners, Open/solid top range, Hotplates, Warming ovens, Bain maries and hot cupboards, Combined Gas Microwave ovens and ancillary equipment.
COMCAT2 Pressurised and expansion water oilers, boiling pants direct/indirect, pressure steamers, bulk liquid and jacketed urns, gas fired dish washers, pressurised steaming ovens, gas heated sinks and ancillary equipment.
COMCAT3 Deep fat fryers, bratt pans, griddles, grills (over & under fired), simulated charcoal grills and salamander grills
COMCAT5 Catering forced draught burners
CoDC1 Domestic NG Core to Catering Core Changeover
CoCATA1 Domestic NG Appliances to Catering appliances (COMCAT1 & 3. 2 No longer included).
CMC1 Core mobile catering safety. (CCCN1/CoDC1 + CoNGLP1 are pre-requisites)