Pathway to Gas

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Want to become a Gas Safe Registered Engineer?

Whether it’s a total career change or simply up skilling, we have the course to suit you.

Following guidelines in August 2003, the only way for a new entrant into the gas industry who wants to attain ACS certification and Gas Safe Registration is to pass a relevant NVQ college course or to attend an independent training organisations full structured course (in both cases on-site experience must be gained).

The Xtra Skills "Pathway to Gas" course can quickly and efficiently provide you with the skills you require to attain ACS certification and Gas Safe Registration by providing you with quality training and assessment carried out at our well equipped Coventry based centre.

The aims and objectives of the course are to train new entrants into the gas industry, up to a level of competence where the candidate can be successfully assessed under the ACS scheme for operatives in a relevant core gas safety and 1 appliance in any of the following categories; Domestic, Non-Domestic, Commercial Catering and LPG.

Pathway to Gas Entry and Application

Currently we offer 2 duration options to accommodate both category A and category B students, subject to entry assessment, interview and relevant experience.

Category A Applicants.

Applicants in this category are regarded as holding a nationally recognised qualification e.g. NVQ or City & Guilds craft certification in a trade associated with gas work e.g. Plumbing.

Application conditions for this category requires that the applicant provide the assessment centre with evidence of their qualifications and written evidence confirming that they have undertaken “on the job” training and have experience of gas work that has been carried out under the direct supervision of a competent operative(s) employed by a Gas Safe Registered business. Phase 1, 2 & 3 are a minimum requirement (see course framework).

Category A Applicants.

Applicants in this category are regarded as having no formal qualification and very limited experience. As a minimum an additional phase must be undertaken. You will attend Xtra Skills in Coventry for an initial interview where you will be asked to complete an entry test, which will help determine in which category level you are deemed competent, either A or category B.

The outcome of this interview session will also allow both you and Xtra Skills to become more acquainted and any further questions you may have can be answered, ensuring you are happy and understand the course requirements and are fully committed.

Your Pathway to Gas Safe Registration

To book please create an account here or contact us on 02476 555944.

All bookings on the pathway to gas course are subject to interview, if in doubt, please call the centre prior to booking. Should you fail to contact the centre prior to the course start we may not be able to accept you onto the pathway to gas course.


Who is eligible to attend the course?

You are expected to have some form of knowledge and related qualifications pertaining to the industry, although exceptions could be made depending on circumstance; an interview will be required. Please read “Entry and Application”.

How long do I have to complete the course?

The whole process must be taken and the portfolio successfully completed within a 12 month period. If it is not completed in this time scale additional refresher training may be necessary.

What happens if I run out of time during an assessment?

The remainder of your assessment will be rearranged at a mutually agreeable time (extra costs may be incurred).

What happens if the assessor terminated me?

An assessor will terminate your assessment if, in his opinion and after a number of attempts, the candidate is unable to show competency in one or a number of areas. In the unlikely event that your assessment is terminated by our assessor you will not be eligible for reassessment for at least 3 months. During which time you will need extra training and the whole assessment will need to be rescheduled. (extra costs will be incurred).

What do I need to start the course?

You will need to working alongside a Gas Safe registered engineer when completing your portfolio. We advise candidates not to start the course until they have the supervising engineer in place and they have a good rapport with them.

I have no relevant experience or qualifications, but want to be a gas engineer, can I do the course?

Unfortunately we can only except 2 categories onto the Pathway to Gas course. Please see the categories above to see which you would be eligible for. If you would like ay advice on how to get into the industry, please call us or visit the centre for a chat.

Another company is offering a similar course and say I can be a Gas Engineer in 3 weeks! Why should I do your course?

The Pathway to Gas course is designed to prepare you for your ACS exams and ensure you know how to safely carry out gas work, would you really want someone with only 3 weeks experience working on your own gas appliances? You will attend the centre for 1 week every month, for a minimum of 3 months, in between this time you are expected to work with your supervising engineer gaining experience, this way, when you attend the centre the following month, you can ask questions about any particular issues or queries that have come up on the job. At the end of each week, we will also give you a debrief and advise on areas you need to be working on or studying.

I am confused on the NVQ course the college have advised me to do/I am currently doing my NVQ and the college have said they cannot do my ACS exams with them. Can you help?

Of course! Give us a call and we will check what level you are eligible for entry on.